Who's behind the scenes?

Tech enthusiasts working to provide mobility

Daniele Furfaro

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Fabio Baleani

Co-founder and Chief web officer

Samuele Furfaro

Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer

Antonino Bonfiglio

Co-founder and Information Technology Director

Simone Coppini

Software Architect

Heloise Greslier

Logistic Specialist

Pierluigi De Camillis Baiocchi

Full Stack Developer

Federico Biuso

SEO Manager

Chiara Bonfiglio

Logistic Specialist

Raffaele Napoli

Logistic Specialist

Chiara Tilotta

Social Media Marketing

Giovanni Mammola

Social Media Marketing

Angelo Sellaro

Logistic Specialist

Laura Seminara

Logistic Specialist

Vincenzo Furfaro

Logistic Specialist


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