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If you're a company or an individual and you need shipping, then you've come to the right place. is a free and totally safe web platform that allows you to arrange and purchase shipping services quickly and easily in just a few clicks. How does it work? Whether you're a company that needs to transport goods (doors and windows, building materials, food products, etc.) or an individual looking to move house or transport a motorbike or car from Rome to Milan, simply enter a few details about the pick-up and delivery locations and the dimensions of the goods on In no time at all, you will receive offers from carriers capable of meeting your needs in terms of location, deadline and dimensions. You can sort these offers based on the price, the carrier's rating, reviews from other users, distance, and the suggested shipping date. Choose the most suitable offer and book shipping directly from the platform. You only pay the carrier upon delivery of the goods.
If you need to transport goods, or if you're moving house and require shipping, go to, where a guided procedure will help you enter some information, such as the loading and unloading locations and the dimensions of the goods to be transported. This information, which takes less than 30 seconds to enter, will be used by the selected carrier to put together a suitable estimate. In just half an hour, you will start receiving your first offers, which you are free to accept or reject as you please. Alternatively, you can ask carriers for further information using our chat system.
You don't need to worry about checking the site to see if you have received an offer. will send you an email whenever a carrier has made an offer for your shipping request. However, you can check the status of your requests on the site whenever you want and communicate with carriers through our chat and messaging systems.

Purchasing and booking

If you like the look of an offer in terms of both the price and the carrier's reliability, you can book the shipping service by paying a security deposit, which varies based on the total cost of the service offered by the carrier. This can be paid by credit card or bank transfer. The deposit amount is visible while booking, and the percentage requested varies depending on the type of shipping required (from a minimum of 10.5% to a maximum of 15%). The amount you pay at this stage counts as a down payment and is deducted from the total balance. The balance is payable to the carrier via their accepted payment methods.
When you accept an offer and therefore decide to purchase shipping, we ask you to pay a booking deposit (commission) equal to a percentage of the cost of the shipping service offered by the carrier. The commission amount is visible to the customer while booking directly on the site. Alternatively, if you confirm your purchase by telephone, you will be informed of the commission amount by a Macingo operator via email. The remaining sum (balance) must be paid directly to the carrier via their specified payment methods: upon delivery, in cash, by bank transfer, by cheque. Deferred payment methods may only be agreed directly with the carrier.
When you purchase shipping, you will receive an email with all the contact details (telephone, email, fax) of the carrier who will be responsible for your shipment. You can contact the carrier at any time to agree on the pick-up location and time and anything else that you think might help make the process even smoother.
If, through no fault of your own, the carrier does not perform the service, please email immediately. Our team will promptly look for another carrier to perform the service for the same rate. If an alternative provider cannot be found, the booking deposit will be refunded in full.
Yes: you just need to promptly notify the carrier of your decision to cancel the purchased shipping service at least 48 hours before the pick-up time so that they do not set off specially to collect your goods, as this would result in extra charges. In any event, please also inform us of your decision to cancel by emailing
Yes, if the carrier is responsible for the cancellation and Macingo is unable to find an alternative for you. In any event, you must inform us of the cancellation at least 48 hours before the pick-up time. The booking deposit is not refunded if the cancellation is your decision and/or if you inform us that the carrier is unable to perform the service later than 48 hours before the pick-up time.
If you intend to cancel, please notify the carrier by phone first so that they do not set off specially to collect your goods. You then need to email to inform us of your decision. Please include your booking references in the subject line.
If the carrier cancels, Macingo will begin looking for a replacement immediately. If it is not possible to find a new carrier with availability, Macingo will refund the booking deposit within 30 days of your request. In order for your request to be accepted, it must be made by sending an email to at least 48 hours before the pick-up time. See: What happens if the carrier does not perform the service?
No, prices do not include VAT. For example, if you receive an offer for a specific shipment costing €100, the total price is €100 + VAT. The fact that VAT is excluded is always clearly stated alongside the price.
In order to accept a quote and therefore book shipping, you need to pay by credit card directly on the platform.
If you do not have a credit card, you can also confirm your booking by making a bank transfer to the following IBAN: IT05H0709181500000000752472, payable to MACINGO TECHNOLOGIES SRL. However, processing the transfer will take longer than a credit card payment, which is cleared instantaneously.
The transport company that receives the payment is responsible for issuing an invoice, so they will invoice the amount received from you upon delivery.
When you make a booking, we issue a booking receipt which is valid for tax purposes. If you still need an invoice, please send an email to, indicating:
  • in the case of legal persons: company name, registered office address, VAT number, booking number, amount paid and payment method (bank transfer, credit card);
  • in the case of natural persons: name and surname, residential address, tax code, booking number, amount paid and payment method (bank transfer, credit card).
The invoice will be issued within 30 days of the payment being made.

Carrier safety

The transport companies operating on are all VERIFIED and fullfil all the requirements set out by Italian law to carry out commercial transport activities. See: How are carriers verified?
When registering on the platform, carriers are obliged to provide certain company information, specifically: membership of Italy's commercial haulage register (, thus demonstrating their financial standing and good repute, as well as proving that they hold carrier insurance and providing certain other elements relating to their activities.
All natural and legal persons who transport goods on behalf of third parties, regardless of the means and tonnage, including cooperatives and consortia, are required to sign up to this register, which is managed by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. In order to register, carriers must demonstrate compliance with three basic requirements:
  • professional competence;
  • financial standing
  • good repute
In order to carry out road transport activities, it is also necessary to demonstrate compliance with the fourth requirement, known as the requirement of establishment, as required by EU legislation. (SOURCE:
These are the requirements that a transport company must satisfy to carry out commercial transport activities. For further information, please consult the website of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport at the following link:
Carrier insurance is a compulsory insurance policy for anyone who transports goods on behalf of third parties. All transport companies are, therefore, required to be underwritten by an insurance firm. In the event of damage to the goods transported by a company, they are liable to pay general compensation in the form of a lump sum worth up to a maximum of € 1.00 per kilogram transported.
Carriers are verified by the Macingo team (see How are carriers verified?). In any event, at the moment you purchase a shipping service, you have the right to ask the carrier for documentation relating to the company (membership of the commercial haulage register, carrier insurance), the vehicle used to transport the shipment (number plate and logbook), and the driver who will be responsible for the shipment (copy of his/her ID). Always remember to ask for these documents before loading the goods.

Are you a company?

Of course! is specially designed to meet the needs of companies that have to organise goods transport on behalf of a customer and/or supplier. If you have any particular needs (e.g. you require urgent delivery, it is difficult to describe the goods you have to transport or you don't receive a suitable offer promptly), don't hesitate to contact us at
No problem – fill in the request form specifying "URGENT". Our team will help you find a solution.
The transport companies operating on are all VERIFIED and satisfy all the requirements set out by Italian law for carrying out commercial transport activities. See: How are carriers verified?
When you purchase the shipping service, the carrier will be obliged to send you a series of documents, including: a copy of their membership of the commercial haulage register, a copy of their carrier insurance, a copy of the logbook for the vehicle that will be used for the shipment, the number plate of said vehicle, and a copy of the ID of the driver who will be responsible for the shipment. During the pick-up, check that the number plate matches the one in the logbook and that the ID matches the person who comes to collect the goods.
When the carrier arrives, ask for the new vehicle's documentation, i.e. a copy of the logbook and the carrier's ID. It is crucial to verify that the number plate matches the one in the logbook. If the carrier refuses to provide this documentation, you are free to refuse to go through with the shipment and are not required to pay anything.
The documents that you should request from the carrier are as follows: copy of proof of membership of the commercial haulage register, proof of carrier insurance, copy of vehicle logbook, copy of carrier's ID.
When you a purchase shipping service, you will need to ask the transport company for certain documents (see What documents do I need to request from the carrier before loading the goods?) that you will then need to send to your supplier. When the goods are loaded, the latter is obliged to check that the vehicle and driver match the ones identified in these documents.
Anyone, whether they are private individuals or companies.
You can purchase any type of shipping service on our platform. Whether you need to transport your motorbike, ship a car purchased from a dealer located in a distant location or move house or office, you can use our platform to find safe shipping at very competitive prices.
Yes, many of the carriers registered on our platform operate overseas routes, covering most European countries, from Spain to Germany and Eastern Europe.


Are you a carrier?

If you represent a transport company, go to the section of our site reserved for carriers. Provide some information about your company, the number of vehicles you have, the routes that you operate and, most importantly, your membership number for the Italian commercial haulage register. Registration takes less than a minute.
In order to put together offers for our customers' shipping requests, you will need to wait until your registration is verified by our team. This may take up to a maximum of 48 hours.
No – to work with us, you must have a commercial licence and be a member of the Italian commercial haulage register.
To work with, a transport company must be licensed to carry goods on behalf of third parties. You must provide proof of:
  • Registration with the commercial haulage register
  • Chamber of commerce registration
  • Carrier insurance
Other documentation is optional but will help to increase your rating, i.e. your transport company's level of reliability.
This rating represents a transport company's reliability. It depends on three main factors:
  • Company documents
  • Customer feedback
  • Number of transport services carried out on the platform

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