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Low-cost shipping for household appliances

Most household appliances are bulky and heavy, so they are difficult to transport independently. In addition, even smaller appliances and computers require special care during packaging and shipping to ensure that they still work once they arrive at their destination. In the case of used appliances, it is first advisable to disconnect them from the mains supply (at least 48 hours before the day of the move for refrigerators), disassemble all the parts, and clean them thoroughly before packaging them. Individual parts, especially fragile ones, should be kept separate to prevent them from getting damaged during shipping. Small appliances can be stored in their original packaging boxes. Alternatively, you can wrap them in a wool blanket or a plastic sheet, and then place them in a box reinforced with polystyrene or bubble wrap. Macingo's carriers can safely transport electronic devices, whether small or large, helping the manufacturers of these products to manage their logistics and supporting families who need to move house.

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